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Plato : HIPPIAS (major)

Persons of the dialogue: Socrates - Hippias
Translated by Benjamin Jowett - 37 Pages - Greek fonts
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37 Pages

Page 4

Hip.: No, by Zeus, it was not, Socrates.

Soc.: What's that you say? But did you make least there?

Hip.: Why, I never made anything at all.

Soc.: That is a prodigious marvel that you tell, Hippias ; and say now : is not your wisdom such as to make those who are in contact with it and learn it, better men in respect to virtue?

Hip.: Yes, much better, Socrates.

Soc.: But you were able to make the sons of the Inycenes better, and had no power to improve the sons of the Spartans?

Hip.: That is far from true.

Soc.: Well, then, the Siceliotes desire to become better, and the Lacedaemonians do not?

Hip.: No certainly, Socrates, the Lacedaemonians also desire it.

Soc.: Then it was for lack of money that they avoided intercourse with you?

Hip.: Not at all, since they have plenty of money.

Soc.: What, then, could be the reason, that when they desired it and had money, and you had power to confer upon them the greatest benefits, they did not send you away loaded with money? But I see ; perhaps the Lacedaemonians might educate their own children better than you? Shall we state it so, and do you agree?

Hip.: Not in the least.

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