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Homer Bilingual Anthology : ACHILLES' GRIEF - 4

From Homer's Iliad * Rhapsody 18, lines 1-128,  * Translated by S. Butler.
Text in Angle Brackets translated by Elpenor.   *
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She left the cave as she spoke, while the others followed weeping after, and the waves opened a path before them. When they reached the rich plain of Troy, they came up out of the sea in a long line on to the sands, at the place where the ships of the Myrmidons were drawn up in close order round the tents of Achilles. His mother went up to him as he lay groaning; she laid her hand upon his head and spoke piteously, saying, "My son, why are you thus weeping? What sorrow has now befallen you? Tell me; hide it not from me. Surely Jove has granted you the prayer you made him, when you lifted up your hands and besought him that the Achaeans might all of them be pent up at their ships, and rue it bitterly in that you were no longer with them."

Ὣς ἄρα φωνήσασα λίπε σπέος· αἳ δὲ σὺν αὐτῇ δακρυόεσσαι ἴσαν͵ περὶ δέ σφισι κῦμα θαλάσσης ῥήγνυτο· ταὶ δ΄ ὅτε δὴ Τροίην ἐρίβωλον ἵκοντο ἀκτὴν εἰσανέβαινον ἐπισχερώ͵ ἔνθα θαμειαὶ Μυρμιδόνων εἴρυντο νέες ταχὺν ἀμφ΄ Ἀχιλῆα. τῷ δὲ βαρὺ στενάχοντι παρίστατο πότνια μήτηρ͵ ὀξὺ δὲ κωκύσασα κάρη λάβε παιδὸς ἑοῖο͵ καί ῥ΄ ὀλοφυρομένη ἔπεα πτερόεντα προσηύδα· τέκνον τί κλαίεις; τί δέ σε φρένας ἵκετο πένθος; ἐξαύδα͵ μὴ κεῦθε· τὰ μὲν δή τοι τετέλεσται ἐκ Διός͵ ὡς ἄρα δὴ πρίν γ΄ εὔχεο χεῖρας ἀνασχὼν πάντας ἐπὶ πρύμνῃσιν ἀλήμεναι υἷας Ἀχαιῶν σεῦ ἐπιδευομένους͵ παθέειν τ΄ ἀεκήλια ἔργα.

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