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David Copperfield as an example of the Victorian socio-critical novel

Henrik Ibsen, A Doll's House  

Page 34

IV. The Women Of David Copperfield – Dora, Agnes and Betsey Trotwood

Among the many female characters the reader gets to know throughout the story of David Copperfield’s life, there are mainly three who stand out among all the other women in the novel and who play a central role in the life of the main character.

Those women are Dora Spenlow, the first wife of David Copperfield, Agnes Wickfield, Copperfield’s childhood friend and second wife and Betsey Trotwood, David’s Aunt and permanent companion from childhood on. Those women all have in common that they play a pivotal role in the main character’s life, but each of them represents a different kind of woman.

And which kind of woman each of them symbolizes and what the social consequences for each of them subsequently are, shall be analysed in the following two points.

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