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David Copperfield test. Who's Who? do you remember the characters?

Isle of Wight UK- Winterbourne Country House, Bonchurch, is where Dickens spent some 6 months writing parts of Copperfield. The responsibles of the web site write that it is "now an exclusive guest house not generally open to the public, however we have no desire to restrict viewing to scholars who wish to view."

Copperfield - a musical


The Masterpiece Theatre, BBC Production, with Daniel Radcliffe

David Copperfield has been turned to a movie six times (1913, 1935, 1970, 1993, 1999, 2000), the four later for the TV. The 1913 version is "the first British attempt at bringing Dickens' classic to the screen" and silent. The 1970 TV version of Copperfield (with Lawrence Olivier and Richard Attenborough) is not that good - "a monumental BORE" according to others' reviews. Let's hope the three tv adaptations that followed are better! - but according to some opinions at least the 2000 version by P. Medak is awful. I saw it myself, and I found it dull and uninspired. The 1993 version is a cartoon (which is not bad by itself, but I haven't found any reviews). - So, BBC forever?

Here is what R. Callaghan writes for the BBC '99 version: "(...) And so it was with this that the BBC celebrated the passing of the 20th Century. The commercial channels pushed the "mindless, spirit-crushing gameshows" of Trainspotting at us for 24 hours, but the BBC finished Christmas evening with Citizen Kane, Kafka's The Trial and had "David Copperfield" as the centrepiece of it's festive celebrations. The new millennium may well see Britain's premier television station forced into being a commercial venture... it's nice to know that, for this century at least, they can still achieve greatness when they try".

Read the complete review here. If you can't read the book or after you have read it, this is the best adaptation so far. Each and every actor seems absolutely necessary, the script does not betray the original text, everything shows up and acts or stays still like it should. An improbable achievement!

The Charles Dickens BBC DVD (4 discs)Collection, Vol. 2, including David Copperfield, The Pickwick Papers, The Old Curiosity Shop, Dombey and Son

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