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David Copperfield Notes : Who is the hero of David's life?

    The word "hero" comes from the Greek (heros) and its root means the guardian and defender. A hero of a novel is a person whose life and deeds have a special meaning for the author of the novel and supposedly for us, too. Heroism is defined always in a context, where other people are less or not at all heroic. Heroism is essentially a social quality, a hero impersonates a shared will - of a town, a team, the society, etc. ...


    In the novel, David's aunt is most definitely his personal hero. She not only takes him in; she stands up to the Murdstones where David, in his youth, could not. She gives him a new life, which he endeavors to use to the best of his ability. ...

    The hero in the novel, overall, is Mr. Micawber. He is the epitome of the downtrodden and outcast. Regardless of his difficulties, he remains a man of principle and fortitude. When he is given an opportunity, he seizes it to realize his true potential. ...

    Steerforth is the hero. Even after Emily's kidnapping, David never lost his interest and admiration of Steerforth. He may not be in the sense of virtue and doing the right thing like Mr. Peggoty or Mr. Micawber, but he still appealled greatly to David in that he was very powerful and even as a boy was able to overcome his opposition. ... Read More


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