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The Personal History And Experience Of David Copperfield The Younger


  Copperfield and Betsey Trotwood had left the houses at Highgate, and had moved into temporary accommodation in Covent Garden.
The plan was for Betsey Trotwood to go back to Dover and Copperfield was to go abroad.
Before he goes, Copperfield writes Emily a letter, saying that he had seen Ham.
He writes exactly what Ham asked him to write.
Copperfield gets a letter back from Emily saying that she wants forgiveness and to say goodbye.
Copperfield wants to give the letter to Ham, so he could see it.
When Copperfield arrives in Yarmouth, a great storm is raging. This continues for several days.
Early next morning, a man asks him if he wants to see a boat in the water go to pieces. Copperfield agrees.
He sees Ham go in the water to try and save the drowning passengers of the boat.
He is told not to, but he ignores them.
Ham’s body is recovered the next day, and he is put beside Steerforth’s body.

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