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Subject For whom she awaited

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Publication 1173 By james777 on Saturday, March 7, 2009 at 17:03   
Location: Bolivia   Registered: Thursday, October 9, 2008  Posts: 9    Search for other posts by james777 Search   Quote
Let her journey, one calamitous night, terminate
And reach like a beam of moon, that ancient brightness
Glistening across the inseparable hypnotic waves
Of a shore-less ocean’s uninhabited coast line,

We have sailed by her stark cliffs, numerous times
Without a discernible map or co-ordinate, we were those captains,
Sleeping like young girls, lulling through the artificial calm of it all
While in our hearts we knew a lighthouse still raged far out to sea
Signalling for signs we had always waited and listened for,
Until hope, became those hands drooping through the cleansed seaweed
Vibrating the forgotten thoughts as the sun lights the drying shells
Detached, out of sight and underfoot, had we but noticed the truth?

And looked far above the perennial seasons always painted by the same gulls   
Vast white sprays, decrying like estranged, tormented lovers, this world
Far beneath, where, we were the nervous, hesitant voyagers of fate once more,
And the pebbles smelled out in advance of the rainy salts turning sea,
Visiting all those lonely small town coastal girls and shipwrecked women,

Whose boyfriends never matured and whose husbands have gone like Penelope’s
Who waits, quite faded, to be told about the captain, she can no longer hear anymore.

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