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Subject Tsaloumas - Autumn supper

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Publication 396 By ayye^os on Tuesday, January 14, 2003 at 17:38   
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This is an original poem by the bilingual poet Dimitris Tsaloumas, born 1921.

More on Dimitris:

In the "Oxford Book of Modern Australian Verse" (ed. by Peter Porter) this author is referred to as follows:
"A poet writing in Greek who supervises his own renditions into English, such as Dimitris Tsaloumas,
is a different case, although only his English versions qualify for inclusion [into the anthology].
As anyone who has observed Australians travelling abroad will testify, we are indeed multicultural, but we
are still mainly monoglot. English (Australian English, not English English) is our language and the one
we write our poetry in. ..."


Only this table by the draughty window
bare since the beginning of time:
a knife, black olives, a hunk of bread.
The bottle glows dark in the late
autumn light, and in the glass,
against the wind and the raging seas,
the one rose of the difficult year.
All my life long I've hankered
after simplicity. When night falls
don't come to light the candles and pour
the wine. There's not enough for two;
I cannot share my hunger.

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