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Subject Free Falling

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Publication 1171 By james777 on Wednesday, February 25, 2009 at 09:20   
Location: Bolivia   Registered: Thursday, October 9, 2008  Posts: 9    Search for other posts by james777 Search   Quote


Let us fall like the last rays of light
Falling through the crevassed valleys
And there, let aeons be like nanoseconds
Captured in singular moments- without a second glance

Let our splendours and caresses become the mystery
And ministry of one imperceptible motion, both nameless
And prehistoric- like the first touched pulsating symmetries,
That converted the mute empire of immutable rock
Into that other mystery of raging blood and ceaseless fire-

And let them become like those ancient inscrutable forms
Imprinted by an illegible hand, that called the desert
Its true name- A name that made everything possible-
A name that’s a curvature to a point only God imagined

So, let us truly, once more fall like those harmonious rays
Falling like those fabled angels who fell through a ferocious light
Dreaming to be- that infinity born from the heart of the desert’s wind.

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