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Subject The Wander

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Publication 693 By orwell on Friday, December 31, 2004 at 21:02   
Location: Ireland   Registered: Thursday, August 14, 2003  Posts: 18    Search for other posts by orwell Search   Quote

The wander, whose name once you were
Made, to endure these stoned valleys
Of cactus sands, dried in abstractions
Of dust, where the roads who signalled your return

Became silent, in that silence becoming
This world, you alone, pass through its time-

Near a radiant isolation, you accompany
That singular wind, on the harsh desert
Where a ferocious light was conceived
Abundantly, and marooned as crystal

Like salts, snow in the persistent inferno
Of a solitude begotten like the cracked surfaces
Of these undistributed stones, who visit
The thoughts with a profound vacancy

Of neither time nor space endured nor filled
With that primeval tune of unbroken light
Where life becomes a beginning and an ending
Of moments seized eternally on those beautiful scales

Of a stationary lizard, observing the same space
Without any further thought, that lives on forever

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