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Subject A Quite Birthday

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Publication 681 By Arcadian on Saturday, October 30, 2004 at 20:17   
Location: Australia   Registered: Friday, July 30, 2004  Posts: 63    Search for other posts by Arcadian Search   Quote
A Quiet Birthday

So serene a countenance
manes of white and golden silk flow
and unfurl in the portico
Coiffured hair, rouge lips
eyes reflective at the sweet petal
A deep breath: inhale;
the bouquet to transform the stale, tired
thoughts of yesterday
It is time
Now a graceful choreograph to
the atrium,
deft , elegant you draw the blinds
and a shower of light reveals
a radiant smile and butterlies
grace your movements towards
the turntable ,
on this joyous day let the
music carry you away
into arms that embrace; wrapped
in warmth and happiness till
the early hours of the morning
where dew drops collect like blazing,
diamonds on a lead-light rose petalled window pane.

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