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Subject Evening at the Opera

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Publication 656 By Arcadian on Tuesday, August 3, 2004 at 13:39   
Location: Australia   Registered: Friday, July 30, 2004  Posts: 63    Search for other posts by Arcadian Search   Quote
Evening at the Opera

Elegant in taffeta with black and white chevrons,
coiffured black hair, rouge cheeks and pale powdered nose.
A delicate hand held the opera glasses. She
waited in the wings for the gold and crimson
curtains to rise to the burnished chandelier.
Soon a chasm of darkness swallowed all lights in the theatre.
Aglow now , footlights traced a path to a spotlight on centre stage.
A mannequin appeared, powdered with make up, told a story
of an inner emotional storm : it played out her own life; a caricature
of her weakness and domestic turbulence on stage and in public.
The flow of words: the recitatives and the coloratura
intoxicated her and almost duped this refined woman.
At intermission she dabbed her eyes with a rose scented hankerchief.
This woman of elegance ,this woman of an organic gentleness and
a certain luxuriousness applauded too with the front row claque:
it had tested her sensibilities.

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