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Three Millennia of Greek Literature

Herodotus Bilingual Anthology : DURATION, GLORY, REASON

Prologue of Herodotus' History, * Translated by G. Rawlinson, Greek Fonts

HESE are the researches of Herodotus of Halicarnassus, which he publishes, in the hope of thereby preserving from decay the remembrance of what men have done, and of preventing the great and wonderful actions of the Greeks and the Barbarians from losing their due meed of glory; and withal to put on record what were their grounds of feuds.


Ἐμμονή, Κλέος, Αἰτία

Ἡροδότου Θουρίου ἱστορίης ἀπόδεξις ἥδε͵ ὡς μήτε τὰ γενόμενα ἐξ ἀνθρώπων τῷ χρόνῳ ἐξίτηλα γένηται͵ μήτε ἔργα μεγάλα τε καὶ θωμαστά͵ τὰ μὲν Ἕλλησι͵ τὰ δὲ βαρβάροισι ἀποδεχθέντα͵ ἀκλέα γένηται͵ τά τε ἄλλα καὶ δι΄ ἣν αἰτίην ἐπολέμησαν ἀλλήλοισι. 

Cf. SOPHOCLES : Nothing more wonderful and frightening than man ||| PLATO : Self-knowledge, Wisdom ||| MAXIMUS CONFESSOR : He divided wisely the ages ||| DIONYSIOS SOLOMOS : Free Besieged ||| PAPATSONIS : Scheme, In Rising Sound 

Three Millennia of Greek Literature

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