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(Elements of the history of Greek language, the alphabet, writing and pronunciation, vowels and consonants, diphthongs)

ACHILLES' GRIEF - From Homer's Iliad

(The Greek sentence, voices and tenses, formation of the Greek verb, accents & breathing marks, translating)

HADES - From Homer's Odyssey

(Cases of words, the function and purpose of inflection, prepositions) 

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 Clyde Pharr, Homer and the study of Greek   Greek - English Interlinear Iliad

A Greek Vocabulary - Basic New Testament Words

Greek pronunciation starting-problems / audio files  Greek accentuation

An outline of Greek grammar  Some Important Greek Words  

Starting from Greek - or Latin? 

Greek Library

More resources

LPENOR's lessons try to follow the intimate relationship between Greek language and the life incorporated in it, by studying the most significant aspects of this relationship - poetry, philosophy and theology. Since at least Plato we know that such a study is a study of oneself.

EYOND these lessons - if you'd like to study without a tutor, try this way: First learn some basics of the Greek grammar (parts of speech, declensions, etc.). Don't wait to learn all of Greek grammar. When you see that you have an elementary familiarity with words and syntax start working systematically on your favorite Greek text, conversing with it, being helped by a translation, a dictionary and your grammar book. You can also study (or combine this way with studying) together with other people who learn Greek, free at Elpenor's Greek forum.


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