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'In agro dominico' - March 27, 1329
The papal bull condemning Meister Eckhart 

Articles 14-15 : The Sin


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The problem of the Pope is that he condemned Eckhart as a police deputy would, that is, without thinking of the Mystery of the Cross. For what reason do we honor the Cross, when it was the most disgraceful way of death and a wood of sins?  

Each of us is born in the sins of humanity and makes one’s own sins as well – even St. Mary, and all the Disciples. This is our condition, this is why we live here and not in the seventh heaven – and this happens according to God’s will, as a chance for us to repent, which is possible only here and not in some purgatory, because God has given already here everything we need to be saved. Eckhart says on the Last Judgment that "every man pronounces his own sentence; as he shows himself here in his essence, so will he remain everlastingly". Therefore, to accept my sins, as Peter did (contrary to the ‘infallible’ Pope), is not a kind of fatalism, but a thankful prayer to God, because (if I repented) I understood why these sins were allowed, I saw in them a divine gift for me, so that my love for God became stronger. Eckhart says that "foolish people take evil for good and good for evil. But to him who rightly understands, the one work which God works in the soul is better and nobler and higher than all the world. ... Grace unites not to any work. It is an indwelling and a living together of the soul in God" (read more).

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