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'In agro dominico' - March 27, 1329
The papal bull condemning Meister Eckhart 

Articles 10-13 : Salvation


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A confusion was made by Eckhart when he defended his proposition, that no one receives the Holy Spirit unless he is the Son of God, by mentioning that the Spirit proceeds from the Son, meaning that we have the Spirit not as something external but when we become a spring of the Spirit. Eckhart in general transcends the error of "Filioque", but not always. "Filioque" (absent from the genuine Symbol of Faith), is due to the confusion between the communion of the divine persons (where each person is the Cause of the other) and the hypostatic bonds which 'precede' and found this communion (where the Father only gives birth to the Son and springs the Holy Spirit, the Chrism of the Son). I won't explain this more nor the implications it has for the life of the Church, since this is not the Pope's problem in his controversy with Eckhart. Suffice it to say that, when Eckhart uses "Filioque" to defend himself to the Pope, he adds Gal. 4.6, where even the giving of the Holy Spirit to men belongs to the Father. Through His procession from the Father, the Holy Spirit becomes the Spirit of Christ, and the same is sent to us Spirit of Adoption, asking to become ours in the One Fatherly motion by which He became the Spirit of Christ. St. Symeon the New Theologian writes: “the Glory that the God and Father gave before eternity to the Son, the exact same Glory the Son granted to the saints and they have all turned to the One”.[1] This is why the Scriptures distinguish between Sons of God and Sons of Loss, and Eckhart keeps asking, hoping that we will remember whom Father we are speaking about: "no one has the Holy Spirit, unless he is the Only-begotten Son" (Sermon 29, DW II, p. 84).

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Cf. Gregory the Theologian : God with Gods is being united

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