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God abides in the creatures


Yet all the fulness of the creatures can as little express God, as a drop of water can express the sea.

God is not only a Father of all good things, as being their First Cause and Creator, but He is also their Mother, since He remains with the creatures which have from Him their being and existence, and maintains them continually in their being. If God did not abide with and in the creatures, they must necessarily have fallen back, so soon as they were created, into the nothingness out of which they were created.

   - Two passages from: Eckhart, Die deutschen Werke, ed. J. Quint, Stuttgart-Berlin 1936-  ( translated by Ellopos ):

   "All creatures are a pure nothing. I don’t say they are insignificant or a something: they are absolute nothing. Whatever hasn’t essence does not exist. No creature has essence, because the essence of all is in the presence of God. If God withdrew from the creatures for just one moment, they would disappear to nothing" (Speech 4, DW I, pp. 69-70).

   "All creatures are words of God. What my mouth says and reveals about God, the same is becoming by the existence of a stone, and man understands the work better than words"  (Speech 53, DW II, p. 535). Add a Note !  

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