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Time and Creation in Gregory of Nyssa and Meister Eckhart
Time and Creation
In Gregory of Nyssa and
Meister Eckhart

Page 3

Excerpts from Meister's works (in German or Latin) at the excellent eckhart.de. Also included are biographical and educational information - all downloadable to read off-line! Scholarly edited and beautifully designed, a site that loves its subject, a pure exemplar of web publishing! 

Von unsagbaren Dingen, Ein Zweites vom namenlosen Gott , Vom Schweigen.

Geistliche Unterweisung von Meister Eckehart (aus dem Mittelhochdeutschen uebersetzt: Hermann Buettner - 1923)

Sermon "Intravit Jesus in quoddam castellum et mulier quaedam, Martha nomine, excepit illum in dommum suam. Lucae II. (Luke 10,38)" (Mittelhochdeutsch & Deutsch).

Predigt "Iesus intravit in templum" in medieval and modern German, and quaestio "utrum in Deo sit idem esse et intelligere", Latin and German translation, with Latin commentary.

Treatise "Die Rede Der Underscheidunge" (Mittelhochdeutsch & Deutsch).

Excerpts from works of Meister Eckhart, at Henry Karlson's Saints Clement of Alexandria and Maximus the Confessor Home Page.

* A note [by H. Karlson] on this edition (Meister Eckhart by Franz Pfeiffer. Trans. C. De B. Evans. John M. Watkins, London, 1924) of  Meister Eckhart's works. It is a  non-critical collection of works which Franz Pfeiffer put together as attributed to Meister Eckhart, and some of the works within  are suspected as to being non-authentic. Nonetheless, they are within the spectrum of "Eckhartian" thought, and can still be a source to give others an idea of the thought and work of Meister Eckhart, even those which are not own writings. Meister Eckhart's Sermons, for example, tend to come to us from people who listened to them, and not from his own hand, and so it becomes even harder to distinguish authentic from inauthentic sermons than from tractates and other works attributed to Meister Eckhart. Later, I will probably mark the works which are most likely to be authentic, when I have examined the most critical research on the topic.

The texts: From the Tractates, Signs of the True Ground, The Drowning, Spiritual Poverty, The Soul's Rage, The Beatific Vision, St John Says, 'I Saw the Word in God'. From Sermons: The Emanation and Return, St Dionysius Speaks of Three Kinds of Light, Poverty, The Soul, Boethius Says: He Who Wants to See True, The Feast of the Virgin, I Have Chosen You, Whosoever Would Come After Me, In Principio Erat Verbum, I Know a Man in Christ, The Eternal Birth, The Angel Gabriel was Sent, There Comes Forth a Rod out of the Root of Jesse, Man Has to Seek God in Error and Forgetfulness, The Divine Being, St John Saw in a Vision, Contemplations, Hints and Promises, This is a Sermon about the Lord's Body, The Sixth Beatitude, From Him and Through Him and In Him.


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