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He didn't suffer the smallness


Steve writes: 

... Only one thing worries me. The man who sang that way the Greek landscape how it came and committed suicide, giving a tragic end to this pleasure? It is perhaps explained by his brain illness. ...

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Dear Steve,

It is very difficult for one to see where health ceases and illness starts. Compared with St. Basil, maybe Giannopoulos was ill, but compared with the survival-at-all-costs that we see almost everywhere, his suicide seems rather a symptom of health. Cockroaches' highest end is survival, but I wouldn't call this health. Giannopoulos, like Sykoutris, did not suffer the smallness around him, which is the same smallness since we have testimonies for man's life on the earth. He didn't think he abandoned his work, maybe because he felt he had said whatever he wanted to say, or because he believed somebody else would say it even better so that it wasn't necessary for him to stay, or for other reasons.Add a note!

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Giannopoulos, The Greek Line & the Greek Color

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