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- Thank you for your work on this site and for making it public. It is a fine piece of work that I will refer to long into the future...

- I am excited about learning Homeric Greek and Homer! You have opened a new world to me!...

- I'm just amazed of your pages. I work on Greek and Oriental Patristics and am really delighted with all the material you are offering...

- I am eager to get whatever you produce as soon as and however you produce it...



What is your motivation?


Peter asks: 

What is the origin of the very good Elpenor web page? ... Is it a Greek NGO or an academic organisation?

- It is just a personal site, and is not affiliated with or sponsored by any government or organization.

- If you don't mind me for asking, what is your motivation? Do you live in Greece, or the US? You are obviously Greek and maybe an academic? I am very interested myself about Greek heritage. All the best

- I live in Greece (Athens), but I'm not an academic, although I have some academic training (MA). The motivation behind Elpenor is love for a tradition that brought me closer to truth, wanting to share with others what helped me.

This is crucial today, because a western culture that grew alienated from the Greek East (thanks to the various schisms), is now becoming global, while simultaneously is transformed to a quasi-culture of power, survival, dominance, individualism, etc.

More and more (something that was horribly expressed in the second world war) this western-global 'society' becomes unable to give meaning to the life of its peoples, and nihilism grows.

Elpenor is devoted to the need for meaning, as I see it, that is, in a united Christianity on the ground of the Orthodox tradition. It seems impossible, and maybe it is, but I don't see any other way.Add a note!


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