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Peter writes: 

Love the site! What a treasure. Is it possible to create offline versions, in case you ever lose server rights and this "Thisavros" is lost?

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Hi Peter,

I have not made all these efforts to let everything fall apart, not to mention visitors' contributions in texts, images, scanning..., posing a special responsibility upon me with their trust and support. Ellopos is recognised as a unique and precious site by many persons and institutions; one of them is going to undertake it when the time comes, to keep it growing. Therefore, you don't need to save an off-line copy. This would take more than 1 GB of disk space, if we assume that you managed to make such a copy (server time-outs will cause problems, as well as other technical factors), and still you'd miss updates that are added almost every day. Everything will be fine for Ellopos, don't worry.Add a note!

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