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Posted - 01 Dec 2004 :  22:33:18  


Hi Fede:

Apologies for the delay.

I believe that the constitution of what's commonly called the spirit- in man and formed through his limited and often painful existence in this form of life, contains "this one singular moment" of time suspended in the finalising thoughts of the creator, who experiences the possibilities of what He created to be perfect, not in any form of time but rather in eternity, were the bloody wounds and scars of negativity that became known through life; will be healed in the creative light of the Lord who existed before all the other Gods that man dreamt of in the darkness of a long night.

Out of these wounds, what we call heaven remains renewed, in what eternally creates more life, to be, constituted in those spiritual forms that will live more abundantly as eventual co-creators with the Lord himself. The suffering of Christ, or the great creative artist like Beethoven is testimony to those vast unseen and unheard terrains that the spiritual demands of us in this world. We simply may not be- where it matters, if this spiritual fire, that consumes nothing remains something that is eitheir ignored, nor not thought nor acted on, while we exist in life; just like those little sparks of a fire, that are now set apart and alight in each singular moment of time, that is made freely too form the very essence of the flame itself.

Take care

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Posted - 14 Jul 2010 :  08:03:08  


Interesting, I think men of spirit will always be criticised for not falling in with some religious human tradition. Berdyaev for me falls in with something greater than the historical church, he's trying to get at pure spirit, the church of the future, the real cosmic church. Ultimately it's the mystical he values but he feels that while the Catholic church has had its great moment in history, it's philosophy is counter productive and creates all kinds of mistakes. Read Freedom and the Spirit, that's a great book. Also Protestantism doesn't lose anything by severing ties to the "ancient church", it loses from severing ties from certain facets of the Spirit of God and of truth. Still Berdyaev is wrong when He says that Christ didn't solve any legal problems, because He did, and on those points he'd be better off sticking with Paul, though I appreciate more emphasis on transfiguration over the juridical aspect.

For me Paul was greater still because he was consumed by the love and experience of Christ and knew that this was greater than any philosophy or thinking.

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