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Three Millennia of Greek Literature

The Greek Old Testament (Septuagint)

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1 In the third year of the reign of king Baltasar a vision appeared to me, [even] to me Daniel, after that which appeared to me at the first. 2 And I was in Susa the palace, which is in the land of Aelam, and I was on the [bank of] Ubal. 3 And I lifted up mine eyes, and saw, and, behold, a ram standing in front of the Ubal; and he had high horns; and one was higher than the other, and the high one came up last. 4 And I saw the ram butting westward, and northward, and southward; and no beast could stand before him, and there was none that could deliver out of his hand; and he did according to his will, and became great. 5 And I was considering, and, behold, a he-goat came from the south-west on the face of the whole earth, and touched not the earth: and the goat [had] a horn between his eyes. 6 And he came to the ram that had the horns, which I had seen standing in front of the Ubal, and he ran at him with the violence of his strength. 7 And I saw him coming up close to the ram, and he was furiously enraged against him, and he smote the ram, and broke both his horns: and there was no strength in the ram to stand before him, but he cast him on the ground, and trampled on him; and there was none that could deliver the ram out of his hand. 8 And the he-goat grew exceedingly great: and when he was strong, his great horn was broken; and four other [horns] rose up in its place toward the four winds of heaven. 9 And out of one of them came forth one strong horn, and it grew very great toward the south, and toward the host: 10 and it magnified itself to the host of heaven; and there fell to the earth [some] of the host of heaven and of the stars, and they trampled on them. 11 And [this shall be] until the chief captain shall have delivered the captivity: and by reason of him the sacrifice was disturbed, and he prospered; and the holy place shall be made desolate. 12 And a sin-offering was given for the sacrifice, and righteousness was cast down to the ground; and it practised, and prospered. 13 And I heard one saint speaking, and a saint said to a certain one speaking, How long shall the vision continue, [even] the removal of the sacrifice, and the bringing in of the sin of desolation; and [how long] shall the sanctuary and host be trampled? 14 And he said to him, Evening and morning [there shall be] two thousand and four hundred days;[*] and [then] the sanctuary shall be cleansed. 15 And it came to pass, as I, [even] I Daniel, saw the vision, and sought to understand it, that, behold, there stood before me as the appearance of a man. 16 And I heard the voice of a man between [the banks of] the Ubal; and he called, and said, Gabriel, cause that man to understand the vision. 17 And he came and stood near where I stood: and when he came, I was struck with awe, and fell upon my face: but he said to me, Understand, son of man: for yet the vision is for an appointed time. 18 And while he spoke with me, I fell upon my face to the earth: and he touched me, and set me on my feet. 19 And he said, Behold, I make thee know the things that shall come to pass at the end of the wrath: for the vision [is] yet for an appointed time. 20 The ram which thou sawest that had the horns is the king of the Medes and Persians. 21 The he-goat is the King of the Greeks: and the great horn which was between his eyes, he is the first king. 22 And [as for] the one that was broken, in whose place there stood up four horns, four kings shall arise out of his nation, but not in their [own] strength. 23 And at the latter time of their kingdom, when their sins are coming to the full, there shall arise a king bold in countenance, and understanding riddles. 24 And his power [shall be] great, and he shall destroy wonderfully, and prosper, and practise, and shall destroy mighty men, and the holy people. 25 And the yoke of his chain shall prosper: [there is] craft in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by craft shall destroy many, and he shall stand up for the destruction of many, and shall crush them as eggs in his hand. 26 And the vision of the evening and morning that was mentioned is true: and do thou seal the vision; for [it is] for many days. 27 And I Daniel fell asleep, and was sick: then I arose, and did the king’s business; and I wondered at the vision, and there was none that understood [it]. ΕΝ ἔτει τρίτῳ τῆς βασιλείας Βαλτάσαρ τοῦ βασιλέως ὅρασις ὤφθη πρός με, ἐγὼ Δανιήλ, μετὰ τὴν ὀφθεῖσάν μοι τὴν ἀρχήν. 2 καὶ ἤμην ἐν Σούσοις τῇ βάρει, ἥ ἐστιν ἐν χώρᾳ Αἰλὰμ καὶ εἶδον ἐν ὁράματι καὶ ἤμην ἐπὶ τοῦ Οὐβὰλ 3 καὶ ᾖρα τοὺς ὀφθαλμούς μου καὶ εἶδον· καὶ ἰδοὺ κριὸς εἷς ἑστηκὼς πρὸ τοῦ Οὐβάλ. καὶ αὐτῷ κέρατα ὑψηλά, καὶ τὸ ἓν ὑψηλότερον τοῦ ἑτέρου, καὶ τὸ ὑψηλὸν ἀνέβαινεν ἐπ’ ἐσχάτων. 4 καὶ εἶδον τὸν κριὸν κερατίζοντα κατὰ θάλασσαν καὶ βορρᾶν καὶ νότον, καὶ πάντα τὰ θηρία οὐ στήσεται ἐνώπιον αὐτοῦ, καὶ οὐκ ἦν ὁ ἐξαιρούμενος ἐκ χειρὸς αὐτοῦ, καὶ ἐποίησε κατὰ τὸ θέλημα αὐτοῦ καὶ ἐμεγαλύνθη. 5 καὶ ἐγὼ ἤμην συνίων καὶ ἰδοὺ τράγος αἰγῶν ἤρχετο ἀπὸ λιβὸς ἐπὶ πρόσωπον πάσης τῆς γῆς καὶ οὐκ ἦν ἁπτόμενος τῆς γῆς, καὶ τῷ τράγῳ κέρας θεωρητὸν ἀναμέσον τῶν ὀφθαλμῶν αὐτοῦ. 6 καὶ ἦλθεν ἕως τοῦ κριοῦ τοῦ τά κέρατα ἔχοντος, οὗ εἶδον, ἑστῶτος ἐνώπιον τοῦ Οὐβὰλ καὶ ἔδραμε πρὸς αὐτὸν ἐν ὁρμῇ τῆς ἰσχύος αὐτοῦ. 7 καὶ εἶδον αὐτὸν φθάνοντα ἕως τοῦ κριοῦ, καὶ ἐξηγριάνθη πρὸς αὐτὸν καὶ ἔπαισε τὸν κριὸν καὶ συνέτριψεν ἀμφότερα τὰ κέρατα αὐτοῦ, καὶ οὐκ ἦν ἰσχὺς τῷ κριῷ τοῦ στῆναι ἐνώπιον αὐτοῦ· καὶ ἔρριψεν αὐτὸν ἐπὶ τὴν γῆν καὶ συνεπάτησεν αὐτόν, καὶ οὐκ ἦν ὁ ἐξαιρούμενος τὸν κριὸν ἐκ χειρὸς αὐτοῦ. 8 καὶ ὁ τράγος τῶν αἰγῶν ἐμεγαλύνθη ἕως σφόδρα, καὶ ἐν τῷ ἰσχῦσαι αὐτὸν συνετρίβη τὸ κέρας αὐτοῦ τὸ μέγα, καὶ ἀνέβη ἕτερα κέρατα τέσσαρα ὑποκάτω αὐτοῦ εἰς τοὺς τέσσαρας ἀνέμους τοῦ οὐρανοῦ. 9 καὶ ἐκ τοῦ ἑνὸς αὐτῶν ἐξῆλθε κέρας ἓν ἰσχυρὸν καὶ ἐμεγαλύνθη περισσῶς πρὸς τὸν νότον καὶ πρὸς τὴν ἀνατολὴν καὶ πρὸς τὴν δύναμιν· 10 καὶ ἐμεγαλύνθη ἕως τῆς δυνάμεως τοῦ οὐρανοῦ, καὶ ἔπεσεν ἐπὶ τὴν γῆν ἀπὸ τῆς δυνάμεως τοῦ οὐρανοῦ καὶ ἀπὸ τῶν ἄστρων, καὶ συνεπάτησαν αὐτά, 11 καὶ ἕως οὗ ὁ ἀρχιστράτηγος ῥύσεται τὴν αἰχμαλωσίαν, καὶ δι’ αὐτὸν θυσία ἐταράχθη, καὶ ἐγενήθη καὶ κατευοδώθη αὐτῷ, καὶ τὸ ἅγιον ἐρημωθήσεται· 12 καὶ ἐδόθη ἐπὶ τὴν θυσίαν ἁμαρτία, καὶ ἐρρίφη χαμαὶ ἡ δικαιοσύνη, καὶ ἐποίησε καὶ εὐοδώθη. 13 καὶ ἤκουσα ἑνὸς ἁγίου λαλοῦντος, καὶ εἶπεν εἷς ἅγιος τῷ φελμουνὶ τῷ λαλοῦντι· ἕως πότε ἡ ὅρασις στήσεται, ἡ θυσία ἡ ἀρθεῖσα καὶ ἡ ἁμαρτία ἐρημώσεως ἡ δοθεῖσα, καὶ τὸ ἅγιον καὶ ἡ δύναμις συμπατηθήσεται; 14 καὶ εἶπεν αὐτῷ· ἕως ἐσπέρας καὶ πρωΐ ἡμέραι δισχίλιαι καὶ τετρακόσιαι,[*] καὶ καθαρισθήσεται τὸ ἅγιον. - 15 Καὶ ἐγένετο ἐν τῷ ἰδεῖν με, ἐγὼ Δανιήλ, τὴν ὅρασιν καὶ ἐζήτουν σύνεσιν, καὶ ἰδοὺ ἔστη ἐνώπιον ἐμοῦ ὡς ὅρασις ἀνδρός. 16 καὶ ἤκουσα φωνὴν ἀνδρὸς ἀναμέσον τοῦ Οὐβάλ, καὶ ἐκάλεσε καὶ εἶπε· Γαβριήλ, συνέτισον ἐκεῖνον τὴν ὅρασιν. 17 καὶ ἦλθε καὶ ἔστη ἐχόμενος τῆς στάσεώς μου, καὶ ἐν τῷ ἐλθεῖν αὐτὸν ἐθαμβήθην, καὶ πίπτω ἐπὶ πρόσωπόν μου, καὶ εἶπε πρός με· σύνες, υἱὲ ἀνθρώπου· ἔτι γὰρ εἰς καιροῦ πέρας ἡ ὅρασις. 18 καὶ ἐν τῷ λαλεῖν αὐτὸν μετ’ ἐμοῦ πίπτω ἐπὶ πρόσωπόν μου ἐπὶ τὴν γῆν, καὶ ἥψατό μου καὶ ἔστησέ με ἐπὶ πόδας 19 καὶ εἶπεν· ἰδοὺ ἐγὼ γνωρίζω σοι τὰ ἐσόμενα ἐπ’ ἐσχάτων τῆς ὀργῆς· ἔτι γὰρ εἰς καιροῦ πέρας ἡ ὅρασις. 20 ὁ κριός, ὃν εἶδες, ὁ ἔχων τὰ κέρατα βασιλεὺς Μήδων καὶ Περσῶν. 21 ὁ τράγος τῶν αἰγῶν βασιλεὺς ῾Ελλήνων· καὶ τὸ κέρας τὸ μέγα, ὃ ἦν ἀναμέσον τῶν ὀφθαλμῶν αὐτοῦ, αὐτός ἐστιν ὁ βασιλεὺς ὁ πρῶτος. 22 καὶ τοῦ συντριβέντος, οὗ ἔστησαν τέσσαρα κέρατα ὑποκάτω, τέσσαρες βασιλεῖς ἐκ τοῦ ἔθνους αὐτοῦ ἀναστήσονται καὶ οὐκ ἐν τῇ ἰσχύϊ αὐτοῦ. 23 καὶ ἐπ’ ἐσχάτων τῆς βασιλείας αὐτῶν, πληρουμένων τῶν ἁμαρτιῶν αὐτῶν, ἀναστήσεται βασιλεὺς ἀναιδὴς προσώπῳ καὶ συνίων προβλήματα. 24 καὶ κραταιὰ ἡ ἰσχὺς αὐτοῦ καὶ θαυμαστὰ διαφθερεῖ καὶ κατευθυνεῖ καὶ ποιήσει καὶ διαφθερεῖ ἰσχυροὺς καὶ λαὸν ἅγιον. 25 καὶ ὁ ζυγὸς τοῦ κλοιοῦ αὐτοῦ κατευθυνεῖ· δόλος ἐν τῇ χειρὶ αὐτοῦ, καὶ ἐν καρδίᾳ αὐτοῦ μεγαλυνθήσεται καὶ δόλῳ διαφθερεῖ πολλοὺς καὶ ἐπὶ ἀπωλείας πολλῶν στήσεται καὶ ὡς ὠὰ χειρὶ συντρίψει. 26 καὶ ἡ ὅρασις τῆς ἑσπέρας καὶ τῆς πρωΐας τῆς ρηθείσης ἀληθής ἐστι· καὶ σὺ σφράγισον τὴν ὅρασιν, ὅτι εἰς ἡμέρας πολλάς. 27 καὶ ἐγὼ Δανιὴλ ἐκοιμήθην καὶ ἐμαλακίσθην ἡμέρας καὶ ἀνέστην καὶ ἐποίουν τὰ ἔργα τοῦ βασιλέως· καὶ ἐθαύμαζον τὴν ὅρασιν, καὶ οὐκ ἦν ὁ συνίων.

* Alex. 300 (τριακόσιαι). Brenton’s Greek translation “400” is based on the Greek MS Codex Vaticanus (B) that reads “four hundred”. It is the Greek MS Codex Alexandrinus (A) that reads “300”.
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