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Three Millennia of Greek Literature

The Greek Old Testament (Septuagint)

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1 Remember, O Lord, what has happened to us: behold, and look on our reproach. 2 Our inheritance has been turned away to aliens, our houses to strangers: 3 we are become orphans, we have no father, our mothers are as widows. 4 We have drunk our water for money; our wood is sold to us [for a burden] on our neck: 5 we have been persecuted, we have laboured, we have had no rest. 6 Egypt gave the hand [to us], Assur to their own satisfaction. 7 Our fathers sinned, [and] are not: we have borne their iniquities. 8 Servants have ruled over us: there is none to ransom [us] out of their hand. 9 We shall bring in our bread with [danger of] our lives, because of the sword of the wilderness. 10 Our skin is blackened like an oven; they are convulsed, because of the storms of famine. 11 They humbled the women in Sion, the virgins in the cities of Juda. 12 Princes were hanged up by their hands: the elders were not honoured. 13 The chosen men lifted up [the voice in] weeping, and the youths fainted under the wood. 14 And the elders ceased from the gate, the chosen men ceased from their music. 15 The joy of our heart has ceased; our dance is turned into mourning. 16 The crown has fallen [from] our head: yea, woe to us! for we have sinned. 17 For this has grief come; our heart is sorrowful: for this our eyes are darkened. 18 Over the mountain of Sion, because it is made desolate, foxes have walked therein. 19 But thou, O Lord, shalt dwell for ever; thy throne [shall endure] to generation and generation. 20 Wherefore wilt thou utterly forget us, and abandon us a long time? 21 Turn us, O Lord, to thee, and we shall be turned; and renew our days as before. 22 For thou hast indeed rejected us; thou hast been very wroth against us. ΜΝΗΣΘΗΤΙ, Κύριε, ὅ,τι ἐγενήθη ἡμῖν· ἐπίβλεψον καὶ ἰδὲ τὸν ὀνειδισμὸν ἡμῶν. 2 κληρονομία ἡμῶν μετεστράφη ἀλλοτρίοις, οἱ οἶκοι ἡμῶν ξένοις. 3 ὀρφανοὶ ἐγενήθημεν, οὐχ ὑπάρχει πατήρ· μητέρες ἡμῶν ὡς αἱ χῆραι. 4 ὕδωρ ἡμῶν ἐν ἀργυρίῳ ἐπίομεν, ξύλα ἡμῶν ἐν ἀλλάγματι ἦλθεν ἐπὶ τὸν τράχηλον ἡμῶν. 5 ἐδιώχθημεν, ἐκοπιάσαμεν, οὐκ ἀνεπαύθημεν. 6 Αἴγυπτος ἔδωκε χεῖρα, ᾿Ασσοὺρ εἰς πλησμονὴν αὐτῶν. 7 οἱ πατέρες ἡμῶν ἥμαρτον, οὐχ ὑπάραχουσιν· ἡμεῖς τὰ ἀνομήματα αὐτῶν ὑπέσχομεν. 8 δοῦλοι ἐκυρίευσαν ἡμῶν, λυτρούμενος οὐκ ἔστιν ἐκ τῆς χειρὸς αὐτῶν. 9 ἐν ταῖας ψυχαῖς ἡμῶν, εἰσοίσομεν ἄρτον ἡμῶν, ἀπὸ προσώπου ῥομφαίας τῆς ἐρήμου. 10 τὸ δέρμα ἡμῶν ὡς κλίβανος ἐπελιώθη, συνεσπάσθησαν ἀπὸ προσώπου καταιγίδων λιμοῦ. 11 γυναῖκας ἐν Σιὼν ἐταπείνωσαν, παρθένους ἐν πόλεσιν ᾿Ιούδα. 12 ἄρχοντες ἐν χερσὶν αὐτῶν, ἐκρεμάσθησαν, πρεσβύτεροι οὐκ ἐδοξάσθησαν. 13 ἐκλεκτοὶ κλαυθμὸν ἀνέλαβον, καὶ νεανίσκοι ἐν ξύλῳ ἠσθένησαν. 14 καὶ πρεσβύται ἀπὸ πύλης κατέπαυσαν, ἐκλεκτοὶ ἐκ ψαλμῶν αὐτῶν κατέπαυσαν. 15 κατέλυσε χαρὰ καρδίας ἡμῶν, ἐστράφη εἰς πένθος ὁ χορὸς ἡμῶν, 16 ἔπεσεν ὁ στέφανος ἡμῶν τῆς κεφαλῆς· οὐαὶ δὴ ἡμῖν, ὅτι ἡμάρτομεν. 17 περὶ τούτου ἐγενήθη ὀδυνηρὰ ἡ καρδία ἡμῶν, περὶ τούτου ἐσκότασαν οἱ ὀφθαλμοὶ ἡμῶν. 18 ἐπ’ ὄρος Σιών, ὅτι ἠφανίσθη, ἀλώπεκες διῆλθον ἐν αὐτῇ. 19 σὺ δέ, Κύριε, εἰς τὸν αἰῶνα κατοικήσεις, ὁ θρόνος σου εἰς γενεὰν καὶ γενεάν. 20 ἱνατί εἰς νῖκος ἐπιλήσῃ ἡμῶν, καταλείψεις ἡμᾶς εἰς μακρότητα ἡμερῶν; 21 ἐπίστρεψον ἡμᾶς, Κύριε, πρός σε, καὶ ἐπιστραφησόμεθα· καὶ ἀνακαίνισον ἡμέρας ἡμῶν καθὼς ἔμπροσθεν. 22 ὅτι ἀπωθούμενος ἀπώσω ἡμᾶς, ὠργίσθης ἐφ’ ἡμᾶς ἕως σφόδρα.


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Note that the so called 'sixth' chapter of Baruch in the Septuagint is published separately as Letter of Jeremiah. Check also this note about the Order of Septuagint Psalms and the Masoretic.

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