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Three Millennia of Greek Literature

The Greek Old Testament (Septuagint)

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1 Then Sophar the Minaean answered and said, 2 He that speaks much, should also hear on the other side: or does the fluent speaker think himself to be righteous? blessed [is] the short lived offspring of woman. 3 Be not a speaker of many words; for is there none to answer thee? 4 For say not, I am pure in my works, and blameless before him. 5 But oh that the Lord would speak to thee, and open his lips to thee! 6 Then shall he declare to thee the power of wisdom; for it shall be double of that which is with thee: and then shalt thou know, that a just recompence of thy sins has come to thee from the Lord. 7 Wilt thou find out the traces of the Lord? or hast thou come to the end [of that] which the Almighty has made? 8 Heaven [is] high; and what wilt thou do? and there are deeper things than those in hell; what dost thou know? 9 Or longer than the measure of the earth, or the breadth of the sea. 10 And if he should overthrow all things, who will say to him, What hast thou done? 11 For he knows the works of transgressors; and when he sees wickedness, he will not overlook [it]. 12 But man vainly buoys himself up with words; and a mortal born of woman [is] like an ass in the desert. 13 For if thou hast made thine heart pure, and liftest up [thine] hands towards him; 14 if there is any iniquity in thy hands, put if far from thee, and let not unrighteousness lodge in thy habitation. 15 For thus shall thy countenance shine again, as pure water; and thou shalt divest thyself of uncleanness, and shalt not fear. 16 And thou shalt forget trouble, as a wave that has passed by; and thou shalt not be scared. 17 And thy prayer [shall be] as the morning star, and life shall arise to thee [as] from the noonday. 18 And thou shalt be confident, because thou hast hope; and peace shall dawn to thee from out of anxiety and care. 19 For thou shalt be at ease, and there shall be no one to fight against thee; and many shall charge, and make supplication to thee. 20 But safety shall fail them; for their hope is destruction, and the eyes of the ungodly shall waste away. ΥΠΟΛΑΒΩΝ δὲ Σωφὰρ ὁ Μιναῖος λέγει· 2 ὁ τὰ πολλὰ λέγων, καὶ ἀντακούσεται· ἢ καὶ ὁ εὔλαλος οἴεται εἶναι δίκαιος; εὐλογημένος γεννητὸς γυναικὸς ὀλιγόβιος. 3 μὴ πολὺς ἐν ῥήμασι γίνου, οὐ γάρ ἐστιν ὁ ἀντικρινόμενός σοι· 4 μὴ γὰρ λέγε ὅτι καθαρός εἰμι τοῖς ἔργοις καὶ ἄμεμπτος ἐναντίον αὐτοῦ. 5 ἀλλὰ πῶς ἂν ὁ Κύριος λαλήσαι πρός σε, καὶ ἀνοίξει χείλη αὐτοῦ μετὰ σοῦ; 6 εἶτα ἀναγγελεῖ σοι δύναμιν σοφίας, ὅτι διπλοῦς ἔσται τῶν κατά σέ· καὶ τότε γνώσῃ ὅτι ἄξιά σοι ἀπέβη ἀπὸ Κυρίου ὧν ἡμάρτηκας. 7 ἦ ἴχνος Κυρίου εὑρήσεις ἢ εἰς τὰ ἔσχατα ἀφίκου, ἃ ἐποίησεν ὁ Παντοκράτωρ; 8 ὑψηλὸς ὁ οὐρανός, καὶ τί ποιήσεις; βαθύτερα δὲ τῶν ἐν ᾃδου τί οἶδας; 9 ἢ μακρότερα μέτρου γῆς ἢ εὔρους θαλάσσης; 10 ἐὰν δὲ καταστρέψῃ τὰ πάντα, τίς ἐρεῖ αὐτῷ· τί ἐποίησας; 11 αὐτὸς γὰρ οἶδεν ἔργα ἀνόμων, ἰδὼν δὲ ἄτοπα οὐ παρόψεται. 12 ἄνθρωπος δὲ ἄλλως νήχεται λόγοις, βροτὸς δὲ γεννητὸς γυναικὸς ἴσα ὄνῳ ἐρημίτῃ. 13 εἰ γὰρ σὺ καθαρὰν ἔθου τὴν καρδίαν σου, ὑπτιάζεις δὲ χεῖρας πρὸς αὐτόν, 14 εἰ ἄνομόν τί ἐστιν ἐν χερσί σου, πόρρω ποίησον αὐτὸ ἀπὸ σοῦ, ἀδικία δὲ ἐν διαίτῃ σου μὴ αὐλισθήτω. 15 οὕτως γὰρ ἀναλάμψει σου τὸ πρόσωπον ὥσπερ ὕδωρ καθαρόν, ἐκδύσῃ δὲ ρύπον, καὶ οὐ μὴ φοβηθῇς· 16 καὶ τὸν κόπον ἐπιλήσῃ ὥσπερ κῦμα παρελθὸν καὶ οὐ πτοηθήσῃ. 17 ἡ δὲ εὐχή σου ὥσπερ ἑωσφόρος, ἐκ δὲ μεσημβρίας ἀνατελεῖ σοι ζωή· 18 πεποιθώς τε ἔσῃ ὅτι ἔστι σοι ἐλπίς, ἐκ δὲ μερίμνης καὶ φροντίδος ἀναφανεῖταί σοι εἰρήνη. 19 ἡσυχάσεις γάρ, καὶ οὐ ἔσται ὁ πολεμῶν σε· μεταβαλόμενοι δὲ πολλοί σου δεηθήσονται. 20 σωτηρία δὲ αὐτοὺς ἀπολείψει· ἡ γὰρ ἐλπὶς αὐτῶν ἀπώλεια, ὀφθαλμοὶ δὲ ἀσεβῶν τακήσονται.

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