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Three Millennia of Greek Literature

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Jezekiel 16. 44.—The most obvious meaning of παραβολῇ seems to be comparison. The word is so translated, Mark 4. 30; in Heb. 9. 9 and 11. 19 it is rendered figure; in Luke 4. 23, proverb, which is the word employed by the English translators in this passage of Ezekiel. In the other passages of the New Testament, amounting to upwards of forty, it is uniformly rendered parable. See note on Job 25. 2, above. For the more classical use of the word, see Aristotle's Rhetoric, book 3.


Exodus 28. The following verses are found neither in the Vatican nor Alexandrine copies, but appear thus in the Complutensian text:

23 And thou shalt make upon the oracle two golden rings, and thou shalt put the two golden rings on both the upper corners of the oracle. 24 And thou shalt put the fringes and the chains of gold on the two rings on both the sides of the oracle. 25 And thou shalt put two sides of the two fringes on the two hems, and thou shalt put the shoulders of the ephod opposite in front. 26 And thou shalt make two golden rings, and shalt put them on the two edges of the oracle on the top from the top of the back of the ephod within. 27 And thou shalt make golden rings, and shalt put them on both the shoulders of the ephod beneath it in front, to meet the coupling above of the woven of the ephod. 28 And thou shalt fasten the oracle by the rings upon it to the rings of the ephod joined with blue lace and attached to the woven work of the ephod, that the oracle may not be loosed from the ephod.


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