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From the Second Book of the Commentary on the Gospel According to Matthew.

Book II. [5153]

The Unity and Harmony of Scripture.

"Blessed are the peacemakers...." [5154] To the man who is a peacemaker in either sense there is in the Divine oracles nothing crooked or perverse, for they are all plain to those who understand. [5155] And because to such an one there is nothing crooked or perverse, he sees therefore abundance of peace [5156] in all the Scriptures, even in those which seem to be at conflict, and in contradiction with one another. And likewise he becomes a third peacemaker as he demonstrates that that which appears to others to be a conflict in the Scriptures is no conflict, and exhibits their concord and peace, whether of the Old Scriptures with the New, or of the Law with the Prophets, or of the Gospels with the Apostolic Scriptures, or of the Apostolic Scriptures with each other. For, also, according to the Preacher, all the Scriptures are "words of the wise like goads, and as nails firmly fixed which were given by agreement from one shepherd;" [5157] and there is nothing superfluous in them. But the Word is the one Shepherd of things rational which may have an appearance of discord to those who have not ears to hear, but are truly at perfect concord.

[5153] This fragment, which is preserved in the Philocalia, c. vi., is all that is extant of Book II.

[5154] Matt. v. 9.

[5155] Prov. viii. 8, 9.

[5156] Ps. lxxii. 7.

[5157] Ecc. xii. 11.

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