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Sophocles' PHILOCTETES Complete

Translated by Th. Francklin.

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Page 3

Neoptolemus: (leaving Ulysses a little behind him) If I mistake not,
I behold a cave,
E'en such as thou describst.

Ulysses: Dost thou? which way?

Neoptolemus: Yonder it is; but no path leading thither,
Or trace of human footstep.

Ulysses: In his cell
A chance but he hath lain down to rest:
Look if he hath not.

Neoptolemus: (advancing to the cave) Not a creature there.

Ulysses: Nor food, nor mark of household preparation?

Neoptolemus: A rustic bed of scattered leaves.

Ulysses: What more?

Neoptolemus: A wooden bowl, the work of some rude hand,
With a few sticks for fuel.

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