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Translated by R. Jebb.

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The Original Greek New Testament

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Page 3

Orestes: True friend and follower, how well dost thou prove thy loyalty
to our house! As a steed of generous race, though old, loses not courage
in danger, but pricks his ear, even so thou urgest us forward, and
art foremost in our support. I will tell thee, then, what I have determined;
listen closely to my words, and correct me, if I miss the mark in

When I went to the Pythian oracle, to learn how I might avenge my
father on his murderers, Phoebus gave me the response which thou art
now to hear:- that alone, and by stealth, without aid of arms or numbers,
I should snatch the righteous vengeance of my hand. Since, then, the
god spake to us on this wise, thou must go into yonder house, when
opportunity gives thee entrance, and learn all that is passing there,
so that thou mayest report to us from sure knowledge. Thine age, and
the lapse of time, will prevent them from recognising thee; they will
never suspect who thou art, with that silvered hair. Let thy tale
be that thou art a Phocian stranger, sent by Phanoteus; for he is
the greatest of their allies. Tell them, and confirm it with thine
oath, that Orestes hath perished by a fatal chance,- hurled at the
Pythian games from his rapid chariot; be that the substance of thy

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