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Rhapsody 10

Literally Translated, with Explanatory Notes, by Theodore Alois Buckley

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The Original Greek New Testament
Page 2

But him king Agamemnon, answering, addressed: "O Jove-nurtured Menelaus, need of prudent counsel [comes upon] both thee and me, which will protect and preserve the Greeks and their ships, since the mind of Jove is altered. Surely he has rather given his attention to the Hectorean sacrifices; for never have I beheld, nor heard a person who related, that one man has devised so many arduous deeds in one day as Hector, dear to Jove, hath performed upon the sons of the Greeks in such a manner, [although] the dear child neither of a goddess nor of a god. But such deeds hath he done as I conceive will long and for many a day be a cause of care to the Greeks; so many evils hath he wrought against the Greeks. But go now, call Ajax and Idomeneus, running quickly to their ships, but I will go to noble Nestor, and exhort him to arise, if he be willing to go to the sacred company[335] of guards and give orders; for to him will they most attentively listen, because his son commands the guards, along with Meriones, the armour-bearer of Idomeneus; for to them we intrusted the chief charge."

[Footnote 335: Some picked troop chosen for the especial purpose of keeping watch. Heyne compares S, 504: [Greek: ieros kuklos]; 681: [Greek: lathon ierous pulaorous]. Compare, also, the [Greek: ieros lochos] of the Thebans, Plutarch, in Pelop. t. i. p. 285; E. Athen. xiii. p. 561.]

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