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Euripides' HERACLES Complete

Translated by E. Coleridge.

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The Original Greek New Testament
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Megara: Old warrior, who erst did raze the citadel of the Taphians
leading on the troops of Thebes to glory, how uncertain are God's
dealings with man! For I, as far as concerned my sire was never an
outcast of fortune, for he was once accounted a man of might by reason
of his wealth, possessed as he was of royal power, for which long
spears are launched at the lives of the fortunate through love of
it; children too he had; and me did he betroth to thy son, matching
me in glorious marriage with Heracles. Whereas now all that is dead
and gone from us; and I and thou, old friend, art doomed to die, and
these children of Heracles, whom I am guarding 'neath my wing as a
bird keepeth her tender chicks under her. And they the while in turn
keep asking me, "Mother, whither is our father gone from the land?
what is he about? when will he return?" Thus they inquire for their
father, in childish perplexity; while I put them off with excuses,
inventing stories; but still I wonder if 'tis he whenever a door creaks
on its hinges, and up they all start, thinking to embrace their father's
knees. What hope or way of salvation art thou now devising, old friend?
for to thee I look. We can never steal beyond the boundaries of the
land unseen, for there is too strict a watch set on us at every outlet,
nor have we any longer hopes of safety in our friends. Whatever thy
scheme is, declare it, lest our death be made ready, while we are
only prolonging the time, powerless to escape.

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