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Three Millennia of Greek Literature

A History of Greek Philosophy
by John Marshall (London 1891)

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Table of Contents


Student and wanderer—The Dialogues—Immortal longings—Art is love—Knowledge through remembrance—Platonic love
The Republic—Denizens of the cave—The Timaeus—A dream of creation
Metaphysics and psychology—Reason and pleasure—Criticism of the ideas—Last ideals
Search for universals—The thoughts of God—God cause and consummation—Dying to earth—The Platonic education

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Guthrie : Life of Plato and philosophical influences

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An unruly pupil—The philosopher’s library—The predominance of Aristotle—Relation to Plato—The highest philosophy—Ideas and things—The true realism 
Realisation and reminiscence—The crux of philosophy—Reason in education—The chief good—Origin of communities
God and necessity—The vital principle—Soul as realisation—Function and capacity—His method


Greek decay—The praises of Lucretius—Canonics—Physics—The proofs of Lucretius—The atomic soul—Mental pleasures—Natural pleasures—Lower philosophy and higher


Semitic admixture—Closed fist and open hand—‘Tabula rasa’—Necessity of evil—Hymn of Cleanthes—Things indifferent—Ideal and real—Philosophy and humanity


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Development of Greek Philosophy

Three Millennia of Greek Literature

Greek Literature - Ancient, Medieval, Modern

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