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The core meaning of the word Eleutheria (freedom)


David writes: 

I have seen it spelled eleutheria .. I ask because I own a sailboat (bought used) that is named eleuthra, meaning freedom in Greek. Is this spelling incorrect, or is it possible that both spellings are acceptable? ... I ask this because I wish to repaint the boat and would like to put the name on in both the English and Greek letters

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The rendering as eleuthra is wrong. Probably someone who knew the word, not knowing Greek, in the pass of time he got confused. An Εnglish translitteration would be Eleutheria (notice the correspondence of Greek and English letters - ελευθερ-ι-α)...

Eleutheria (ΕΛΕΥΘΕΡΙΑ) means freedom, as you know already. What you may don't know is the etymology, which reveals meanings unknown to 'freedom'.

Eleutheria seems to come from arriving (eleu) to where one loves (eran). This way eleutheria radically means the fulfillment of one's love as an end of a trip. There is included here also the meaning of growing and rising, advancing to a higher state of being. Therefore, in the core of the common meaning of eleutheria as being independent, there is a very concrete and special dependence. This way one understands easily how Odyssey and Iliad are inherent in language itself.Add a note!


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