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Terrorism 2001

Dust and debris cloud the air near the site of the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center 

M[...] writes: 

[...] on a day like today I wish I could be a poet and write something beautiful... I should be happy feeling good, as I am on the academy of fine arts.I finally gave in my teases. But I am completely down. I just got that news, which I was afraid off. My very good friend I[...] was killed yesterday. Dad of three kids...he worked in the trade center on the top floor... I feel this what is happing, yesterday is something we all never ever will really recover from. I can not express in words how I feel, I have no words. I am trembling ...

I hope and pray that all your family and friends are untouched by the attack?

I hope and wish you well.

With care, M[...]

* * *

A day like this is sad and difficult. And I remember the first announcement of G. Bush in which he said that USA will strike back. Attack-Revenge, Revenge-Attack, evil without end, powered by public opinion. Any way, me and my family are safe, for the moment, because we live in Greece. But people who die anywhere in the world, are us and our people. I don't know if all this can be stopped somehow, but if we try with our work, in fine arts or literature or whatever beautiful, to express a different reality than this nightmare, then I think there is hope for a change.Add a note!

From Warsaw Poland

[...] Yes, I know on days like these... even they are sad and difficult. We have to carry on with our courage and spirit, and keep our trust and hope for the best...

At this moment, I am as well safe In Warsaw Poland... but soon I should travel to Hong Kong, which scares me a wee bit...

But I am on your path of thinking that "people who die anywhere in the world, are our people." and I hope if we try with our work, to keep pointing to the beauty of the world.. which is the seed in everything and everyone... Then we might one day wake up to a dream of happiness...

[...] I guess that's life, every choice we make can take us to hidden treasures... all very peculiar, and full of magic! But we have to walk with steadfast courage, and [...] remember the limits of being a human... But this event have put our life's in a new perspective. 

Dear friend out there, I send you and your family the very best.

A lot of hopes for tomorrow's vision of hopes...



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We are ungrateful to the USA?

Images from Darkness 

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USA have a great chance to understand that the only real answer to terrorism is not to be or become a terrorist yourself. They have a chance to think and decide if they denounce terrorism as such or if they denounce only terrorism against themselves. They have one more chance to see that there are not any conditions under which evil can become just and desirable. Their misfortune will become a blessing if they see the heart of the problem.

ELLOPOS wishes all strength of mind and heart to the country that suffered and suffers the terrorist attack.

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