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The Revolt of the Masses and the Culture of Critique


Richard writes: 

First thanks for having The Revolt of the Masses on your website.

Among the most important books that I have read recently is the very politically incorrect essay by an american professor of psychology, Kevin MacDonald entitled the Culture of Critique. The context is american but I think his conclusions have a lot of importance for all europeans, whether they live in North America, Europe or the Pacific.

The Culture of Critique is the third book in a trilogy on the jewish people.CofC delves into the 20th century and the socio-political movements that have dominated that century. Analysed are socialism/leftism, psychoanalysis and the Frankfurt School. MacDonald sees a clear link between the jewish involvement in these movements and the decline of european societies, especially the american society, from mostly christian and racially conscious nations to nations that gleefully embrace their own demise.

It's one of the most fascinating book I have ever read. I don't think one can look at the world and american society and the US government the same way after reading CofC.

You can read the preface here

Chapter 7: Jewish Involvement in Shaping American Immigration Policy, 1881 - 1965: A Historical Review


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The Revolt of the Masses

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