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Jehovah witnesses' so called 'interpretations'


Ann writes: 

I have been talking to some jehovah witnesses and they told me that according to the greek text that "in the beginning was the word and the ‍word was with God and the word was god" that God and god was different when all other translations of the Bible show "in the beginning was the word ‍and the word was with God and the word was God" they say their bible is the corrrect translated version of the Greek text and they say this is proof that Jesus is not God. And then I read that the Greek scholars are very offended by this because they say it is not an accurate translation of the scripture. Please help me in this.

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Hello Ann,

The version of the Greek text (as is followed by the Orthodox Churches) has God with capital G always. Some editions by modern scholars have God with small G always. Let's see first this difference.

In the times of the New Testament people used to write in capital letters. Writing with small and capitals prevailed in the pass of time, and the word God was being used with capital G, not only in the start of a sentence, but in the middle too. Modern scholars, working independently of their beliefs, use small g, not to diminish Christ or the Father, but just because they know that difference in small/capitals did not have any importance at the time when New Testament was written. Thus, in this case, modern scholarship and Church, don't express any distinction in the deity of Christ and the Father, whether they use small or capital G, because they use the same for both persons.

The error of Jeh witnesses (deliberate or because of ignorance) is that they tried to prove you a distinction of the two persons of the Trinity, based on a literary argument that is not valid. New Testament was written all in capital letters. The very attempt to persuade you with such an argument, suggests some interesting things, because it means that they consider faith as something that can change or vanish because of a difference in the size of a letter. You too seem to let your faith be guided by such differences. Faith can not be threatened by this or that version of the text, but only to the degree that is a faith-of-the-text precisely, a book-faith, something that characterises Jews and Muslims. Our faith is not a faith-from-books (and language, even Greek, is not something sacred and object of worship). Our faith comes from knowing Christ himself in person, and to know Him is to be loved by Him and wanting to be loved by Him.

Try to move towards such a faith, and you will find out if it is true or not. But in case that you will grow a faith-from-books, you will never have faith, even if you managed to be absolutely certain about the validity of the text, in letter size, actual wording, and everything. Because in such a case you would just have an accurate information that Christ is God and you would be obliged to believe in Him. Obligation is not faith, it is serfdom.

If He wanted to oblige us, he didn't need any books to do it, He would just appear before you - and then you would be certain about Him, even if that was going to kill you, throw you in eternal Fear. With whatever He sends you day by day, He makes you able to see Him in His Deity, to the degree that you love Him. To the degree that you don't, seeing Him not as a servant that He became, but in His Deity, would terrify you, because in between you and Him, your sins and conscience would stand accusing you, don't letting you forget about yourself, forget about your good or sin, and approach Him.Add a note!

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