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The meaning of homophrosyne


Will writes: 

I'm wondering about the definition of "homophrosyne". I believe it appears in The Odyssey re: the strength of O. & P.'s marital bond. Thanks for your time and energy.

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Homophrosyne comes from the words homo (similar, common, same) and phrosyne (belief, way of thinking), a word that comes from the verb phronein and is used only in composites (homo-phrosyne, so-phrosyne, a-phrosyne, para-phrosyne, etc). Homophrosyne means a thinking and knowledge that is shared between two or more people, in our case (in Odyssey) the common life in a Greek family (notice the use of the word in Od. z 181 : "man and home and all the good of homophrosyne", where a home is not just the living together but sharing a common truth).Add a note!


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