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Help on modern Greek painters


Anna writes: 

I am a painter from Georgia (ex-soviet republic) and working on georgian-creek theme, which includes aspects of development of the church painting in this countries in the beginning XX century.
I need information about:

1. Konstantinos Parthenis panel paintings for the Church of St. Alexander in Paleo Faliro, Athens (1919)
2. Spyros Papaloukas wall-painting for Amfissa 94s Cathedral (1927)
3. Spyros Vassiliou wall-painting for the Church of St.Dionisios, Athens (1936-40)
4. Agenor Asteriadis Paintings for the Church of Episkopi at Tagea (1936-39)

Any information and support will be very valuable for me. Once more, thanks. Your site was really big pleasure and very useful for me.

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Thank you, Anna for your kind remarks. Unfortunately, we don't have the information that you need. You can try to search in university libraries in case they have something.

Steve writes:

I would like to inform her (Anna) that the reachest relative bibliography and books she would find is in the Library of Greek Fine Arts School, Peiraios str., Athens. Also, she will find a lot of information in the Library of the Archaeological School, Panepistimiou str., Athens. Hoping I have been helpfull ...

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Mr Dimitrios Markou wants some information about Nikos Panagiotatos: 

Panagiotatos Nikos (1903-1982), Argostoli, Kefallonia, Greece.

He studied by the Italian painter G.Scarveli. He lived mainly in Pireus , greatly inspired by the life at the port.

His painting would be identified as descriptive art with impressionistic tendency.

Panagiotatos presented his paintings in exhibitions at Athens, Pireus, Kefallonia, Patras, Ioannina

Reference : Dictionary of greek artists,1999, Melissa editions ( in greek) Add a note!

Elisa Polychroniadou

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