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Is Ellopos a school?


Zeron writes: 

I am a Korean. 27. I like Latin that is one of the ancient languages. Teach me. I want to be learned by members and talk about wisdom and philosophy

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Dear Zeron, You are very welcome to write about the philosophical issues you are interested in, and maybe some members or visitors will talk with you. Ellopos is not a school. Through our editorials and all the study material that we publish, we offer views on various cultural matters, including philosophy and religion, but we don't have students, classes and lessons. In any case, you can talk about wisdom without becoming wise - if we accept that wisdom is different from scientific knowledge or information (general or specific information). In other words, what you seem to ask can not be taught! Start asking, start thinking, and you will find the answers. In this way, and only in this way, texts or people can be useful, and almost everything will become a teacher for you. For studying issues, let me suggest the student land pages including the Writing Community, where you can post any questions you might have. Please, feel free to use our sites as much as you see fit.Add a note!


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Letter to a young poet

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