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The painter writes:

"The limits of everyday life become vain, the sense of what is essential stays on, infinity opens up and shines as a pure white light, is source and goal at the same time.

Unlike with other surrealist scenarios of horror are lacking. On the contrary, the mystically encoded expression ultimately culminates in a turn towards the light. The light is wisdom or God, no matter what we call this luminousness, it is the eternal quest of mankind for enlightenment".


Vienna, Wels, Vigaun, Freistadt, St. Pölten, Bern, Freudenstadt, Baden-Baden, Regensburg

Awarded with the silver honour needle for art and cultur by Eurokulturkreis Baden-Baden

Heidemarie Obermüller was born in Wels (1965). Address: Heidemarie Obermüller Trölsstraße 13 / 1, A-4240 Freistadt
You can contact Heidemarie at art-heob


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