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United Kingdom
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Posted - 24 May 2011 :  16:34:44  


Hi George

The Trinity?

Many have a Trinitarian faith and claim it be Christian and hold that faith strong and true for themselves, but that is not the important point.

If we look and the history of the various churches that hold a faith in the trinity as the main doctrine and then look how they act, it can and has turned many away from Christianity or their version of it.

For example the churches worship "the prince of peace" Jesus in their view; see Isa. 9:6-7; then go into mass slaughter in the wars of this world, e.g. WW1 & WW2 fought among 'Christians,' 40 years war, then what happened in Northern Ireland, etc. etc., is it any wonder that people turn away from humans who claim to worship a triadic God of peace then kill millions on the battlefields or by terrorism, around the Earth?? It did with me!

So I would agree that the Trinity has downgraded God in the eyes of millions because of how its followers have and do act then and now; as the people reflect the God they worship (see Eph. 5:1-2; what "love")!


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Posted - 25 May 2011 :  02:51:53  


I let you expose your opinions and preferred not to talk, but now you address me personally. In your place, first of all I would study more and more until my English became acceptable. Your bad English forced me to devote a lot of time in order to make at least the most important corrections, to render your messages readable. Be so kind and improve your English, read and read again your posts before you publish them, and publish the less possible posts.

To your anti-trinitarian views I must say that they reveal a mind dissolved and unable to think.

Why the (whatever) failures of the Churches come from the Trinitarian and not from other doctrines, or even from non-doctrinal aspects?

Why aren't you surprised, knowing that even your own supposedly healthy faith would not exist, if those Churches that you blame did not exist?

Being a human person involves many and relatively separate dimensions. For example, being a good architect doesn't make you a good father, and the opposite. The Churches as human congregations involve this complexity. Having failed somewhere does not prove that they have failed anywhere. Unless a solid relationship can be proved between holding the Trinitarian doctrine and a particular failure, your argument is not really an argument but only the thoughtless shout of a fanatic.

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