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 Future of Christianity in Europe
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Posted - 31 Jul 2007 :  22:00:06  


Please pardon an American here, since I don't know much about the European Union. I don't know what all this complaining about the EU not putting Christianity in its constitution really means, but it does bring up an interesting question: Isn't it "Christianity's" connection to the state that has caused it's demise in Europe? The precise reason European "Christianity" has failed (wouldn't you say) is that it has a history of being state sponsored? The pope forced everyone to be Catholic whenever he controlled all of Europe. Then when England broke away from the pope, the British government forced everyone to be Anglican (including forcing the American colonists to attend the Anglican church every Sunday, having patrols outside to enforce attendance). Does this sort of thing lead to true Christianity, to true conversion to Christ, or does forced conversion and forced attendance rather lead to corruption of the "church"? To corruption of course, because the unregenerate, when forced to attend the "church" tend to affect changes in its very doctrine! This is the history of European "Christianity." It has died because its attitude of forcing people to join has led to those who were forced into it changing its doctrines and corrupting its principles to the point that it is barely recognizable as "Christianity." (I realize Europe doesn't practice forced conversions now, but the history of it has already so corrupted European "Christianity" that its illness is sadly terminal.) This happens in the case of all national "churches" which become more political institutions and social ladders than churches. Furthermore, national "churches" lead to a demise of themselves via the false practice of infant baptism. Everyone ends up being a "Christian" simply because their parents decided to have them sprinkled, then they don't ever truly become converted to Christ, and where does it all lead? To a "Christianity" that is no different from paganism except in name. Isn't this where Europe is? The fact is that the only solution to the problem is to throw away the false doctrines of national "churches" and membership in the "church" via infant baptism, and preach the true gospel, culminating in "Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost" (Acts 2:38), a personal gospel that requires belief and repentance on the part of the individual not his parents (for if one generation is allowed to depend solely on the faith of their parents and is not required to have any faith of their own, the 'church' dies with that generation) not in "have your baby baptized so he can grow up to live as a pagan but be called a Christian." And, yes, I realize that America faces a similar problem through the evangelical "churches" that teach faith-only-salvation and once-saved-always-saved. Because they deny the very place of the rebirth (baptism, John 3:5, Titus 3:5) they are unregenerate, and because they teach that no man can lose his salvation, they live in profliguous sin. Again, the answer to the problem is the same, to throw off the anti-Christian traditions that are falsely called "Christianity" (and are destroying souls by usurping the name) and return to true Christianity based on the Bible alone and not the man-made oral traditions of well-intentioned, but very wrong men.

But the true church will always endure, and will always teach "Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost" shunning infant baptism and pure-sign baptism and all other anti-Christian notions that are leading to the demise of the popculture-Christianities, for that is all that these denominations are (which is why in most of the post I have put Christianity and church in quotes, because in those cases I refer to such denominations rather than the true church, which alone teaches the doctrine of Peter in Acts 2:38).

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Posted - 19 Nov 2007 :  02:40:17  


Hi James
Have you been watching the increase in Christianity in other countries. Well, this is interesting because recently in England I found most people had totally dismissed Christianity and many are adopting a more Jeti Religion approach to things. Christianity is the largest religion in the world with more then two billion followers spread mainly in Americas, Europe, South Africa, and Oceania. Christianity is well represented in Asia as well and is growing rapidly in many countries.

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Posted - 29 Dec 2007 :  08:06:14  


The future of Christianity in Europe is what I googled to find this page. I am an american man and have friends who have moved to Germany as well as friends moving to Amsterdam specifically to start relational Christ centered churches. Before the six months ago I had no heart to pray for europe, but now my heart is in Europe. I may soon take a trip there myself. Essentially what I am saying is that I believe new life is about to be pumped into Europe and but that does not mean that the old old stone buildings are going to be filled again. Here in America the there are many vibrant churches the bigger ones using sports arenas. I believe that the churches with older people in them are dying because they are not allowing the youth and there culture to be leavened by the yeast of the kingdom of Christ. So the young people are going where they can be themselves and worship Christ in thier style.

Jesus told Peter, On this rock I will build my church and the gates of Hell will not prevail against it. It is not in the bible for the church to die.

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Posted - 27 Apr 2008 :  08:04:28  


Greetings from India!!

What is the future of Christianity in Europe? Very Bright!! At least I wish to think that way!! If not, what will be Europe's fate- Self destruction, Anarchy, Riots , Poverty and so on!! In few years it will be like any other third world, poverty driven, riots pron country!!
Why christianity failed in Europe? Due to lack of knowledge of fundamental doctrine! Due to lack of knowledge about the God of Bible. The so called Holy Trinity with no basis in Bible, corrupted very core of Bible and Christianity.

The Bible talks about One and Only Living God YAHWEH (Jehovah), the God of All gods!! (Psl 136:2) Bible permits so many 'gods' ('authority') at various levels, under Eternal God. Bible talks Moses as 'god of Pharoah'. Again Moses as 'god of Aroan'. Pslams 82 talks about many 'gods' whom Eternal God rebukes. Satan is told as 'god of this World'. And finally Jesus Christ as 'God' of all except his Father, Yahweh. (1 Cor 15:23-28). In other words Entire Universe is under the Authority of Jesus Christ., who inturn is subjected to Eternal God, Yahweh for ever and ever.

Second, we must return to the Ten Commandments, only document prepared by Almighty God and handed over to Mankind on Mount Sinai!! Together with TEN COMMANDMENTS we obey Eight Beatitudes of Jesus , the core teaching is complete. Accepting sacrificial death of Jesus on cross of calvary and redemption from sin only through him completes essence of christianity.

I am sure once we go back to the true christianity of Bible ,all of us will be blessed!!! Amen!!

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Posted - 27 Apr 2008 :  12:12:34  


I'm sorry, not because you are mistaken, but because you write the first thing that comes to your mind, without thinking, without investigating, examining, searching...

If for us the one God is Jahweh, then we are Jews, not Christians. Faith in the Holy Trinity is essential. Besides this, Christianity is not for peace and prosperity. If we want Christianity in order for Europe to be rich, then we are not Christians. We do care about life in this world, but we don't confuse this care with Christianity, which means that we are ready to lose everything anytime, if this would be God's will. Christianity is not about peace and prosperity, not even about keeping God's 'law', the ten or whatever commandments. Christianity has one purpose only: personal relationship with Christ, and through Him with the Father and the Holy Spirit. Whoever is blind to Christ, doesn't see Him and doesn' have personal relationship with Him, is not a Christian yet; in the best case he is at the start of the road that perhaps sometime will lead him to real Christianity.

You could have easily understood that something is wrong with your beliefs, if you asked yourself simple questions, such as:

1) if the Holy Trinity doctrine is responsible for the decline of faith in Europe, how comes and non-European Christians (who also believe in this doctrine) have not lost their faith?

2) If a Christian tradition of two millennia that keeps its faith in the Holy Trinity, is wrong, why are we right? Because we are smarter, because we are more religious? Why?

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