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Three Millennia of Greek Literature

Sappho Bilingual Anthology

LP 16, 47, 54, 55, 111, 138, 140, E31(B34), * Translated by Elpenor,
111 & 140 translated by H. T. Wharton, * Greek Fonts, * Sappho Resources



OME the army of cavalry, others of infantry

or of ships say upon this dark earth

that is the fairest. But I say fairest is that: whoever you love.

It's easy to make this clear to all.

For she who far surpassed all human beings in beauty, Helen

abandoned the finest man and to Troy sailed,

and neither her child nor her beloved parents thought her, not for a moment [ ].

This made me now think of Anaktoria, not being here anymore, Oh I wish I could see the enamoring step and the shiny glare of her face, rather than Lydians' chariots and infantry's battles and armor.  

Love shook my soul, like on the mountain the wind upon the oaks falls.


φίλτατον Γαίας γένος Ὀρράνω τε

ο]ἰ μὲν ἰππήων στρότον οἰ δὲ πέσδων
οἰ δὲ νάων φαῖσ΄ ἐπ[ὶ] γᾶν μέλαι[ν]αν
ἔ]μμεναι κάλλιστον͵ ἔγω δὲ κῆν΄ ὄτ
τω τις ἔραται· 
πά]γχυ δ΄ εὔμαρες σύνετον πόησαι 
π]άντι τ[ο]ῦτ΄͵ ἀ γὰρ πόλυ περσκέθοισα 
κάλλος [ἀνθ]ρώπων Ἐλένα [τὸ]ν ἄνδρα 
τὸν [ ]στον 
καλλ[ίποι]σ΄ ἔβα ΄ς Τροΐαν πλέοι[σα 
κωὐδ[ὲ πα]ῖδος οὐδὲ φίλων το[κ]ήων 
πά[μπαν] ἐμνάσθη͵ ἀλλὰ παράγαγ΄ αὔταν  
]αμπτον γὰρ [
]κούφως τ[ ]οη[]ν 
]με νῦν Ἀνακτορί[ας ὀ]νέμναι 
σ΄ οὐ ] παρεοίσας͵ 
]ς κε βολλοίμαν ἔρατόν τε βᾶμα 
λάμπρον ἴδην προσώπω 
τὰ Λύδων ἄρματα κἀν ὄπλοισι 


Ἔρος δ΄ ἐτίναξέ μοι φρένας͵ ὠς ἄνεμος κὰτ ὄρος δρύσιν ἐμπέτων.

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